Publications 2019

70) Opportunities and challenges for Polish scientific publications and magazines

Welcome speech of WUT Rector J. Szmidt.
Introduction by Professor M. Krawczyk.
Lectures: Prof. B. T. Skoczeń, Prof. M. Niezgódka.
Panel discussion The impact of introduced legal regulations on the functioning of publishing houses and sustainable development of science: introduction to the panel by Prof. A. Białas and speeches: Prof. D. Malec, Dr. J. Żurek, Dr. A. Perkowska-Klejman, Prof. G. Sędek, Prof. R. Z. Morawski, Prof. A. Orzechowski, Prof. P. Pruszczyk.
Panel discussion The influence of changes in the rules of evaluation of scientific journals on the position of scientific units and organizational structure at the university: introduction to the panel by Prof. B. Skoczeń and speeches: Prof. Z. Kąkol, Prof. C. Mik, Dr. Ł. Niesiołowski-Spanò, Prof. M. Nowotny.
Summary Professor M. Krawczyk.

Warszawa 2019, 134 p.

 69) Inaugural lectures of the academic year 2018/2019

Inaugural lectures: Prof. A. Eliasz, dr J. Skiba, Prof. J. Jurkiewicz, Prof. W. Roszkowski, Prof. R. Rolo, Prof. H. Skarżyński, M. Kurpik, Metropolitan Sawa (Michał Hrycuniak), Prof. W. Jakubczak, W. Polak Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland, Prof. M. Demska-Trębacz
as well as inaugural lectures of university rectors, who founded the Institute: Prof. M. Pałys (UW Rector), Prof. J. Szmidt (PW Rector), Prof. M. Rocki (SGH Rector), Prof. M. Wielgoś (WUM Rector), Prof. W. Bielawski (SGGW Rector)
Warszawa 2019, 158 pp.