Research projects:


Polish universities in the XXI century,

 Positions on the current and future model of higher education in Poland presented in September 2005

Socio – economic mechanisms shaping the educational investment decisions,

KBN grant, No contract 1350/H02/2002/22, No project 2 HO2C 103 22, completed in 2004

Project No STPA – 2001-00004 Technology Assessment in Europe

“Between Method and Impact (TAMI)”,

undertaken in cooperation with the European Academy for the Study of Scientific and Technological Advances Bad Neuenahr – Ahrweiler (EA), Germany.

The aim of the project was to search for possible methods of objective and universal evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific and technological projects. The result of two-year work was a monograph titled “Bridges between Science and Society”, to which IPWC prepared a section on cultural determinants of technological projects as well as materials concerning popularization of the project results within members of parliament.

The project was completed in 2004.

Economic and social consequences of educational deficiencies in the Polish society,

 realized in cooperation with the Banking Foundation named after Leopold Kronenberg and completed in 2002

Education costs at the higher education level,

 ordered by the Ministry of National Education and completed in June 1999

Poland and European integration in education – proposals and threats,

 ordered by the Committee of European Integration (financed by the Fund PHARE FIESTA II) and completed on 30 November 1998 (final report sent to the Committee of European Integration)