Conferences 2005

Humanism and technology

Interdisciplinary seminar devoted to the academic community obligations and their possible understanding. Thesis presented by various scholars representing different areas of knowledge and disciplines comprising a number of traditions, priorities and methods of investigation of the truth.
30 November 2005, Conference Hall “Pałacyk Rektorski” (PW)

Water safety issues

Prof. J. Kindler, R. Skąpski (M.Ing.), Dr. hab. K. Fiedler, Prof. A. Grabińska-Łoniewska
20 October 2005, Conference Hall “Pałacyk Rektorski” (PW)



Energy security issues

Prof. J. Popczyk, Prof. T. Żylicz, Prof. J. Lewandowski
14 January 2005, Senat Hall (PW)