Publications 2012

 GMO according to the recent research

The book at stake is based on a series of lectures given at the Institute of Contemporary for students and PhD holders of Warsaw universities. This manual, elaborated by a group of academics under supervision of Professor Katarzyna Niemirowicz-Szczytt, aims at those interested in genetically modified organisms, however not professionally involved in this phenomenon. It is intended not only for students (of all profiles), but also for journalists, politicians and those who are willing to take their view on GMO.
Warszawa 2012, 232 pp.

 55) Problems of teaching chemistry at secondary and higher education level

Lectures: D. Kita, Prof. L. Piela, Dr. W. Bekas, P. Druć, K. Adamczyk, Dr. D. Nakoneczna, Prof. T. Borecki
Warszawa 2012, 84 pp.

 54) Inaugural lectures of the academic year 2011/2012

Inaugural lectures: Prof. M. Krawczyk, Prof. R. Rapacki, Prof. J. Miodek, J. Truszczyński, Prof. A. Szwarc, Prof. A. A. Michta, Prof. T. Nałęcz, Prof. M. Lisiecki, Dr. B. Sawicki OSB, Prof. W. Barnat and inaugural lectures of university rectors, who founded the Institute: Prof. K. Chałasińska-Macukow (UW Rector), Prof. W. Kurnik (PW Rector), Prof. A. Budnikowski (SGH Rector), Prof. M. Krawczyk (WUM Rector), Prof. A. Szymański (SGGW Rector)
Warszawa 2012, 196 pp.