Publications 2018

 Conference of Warsaw Universities’ Rectors

A study written by Professor Marek Krawczyk in cooperation with the Presidencies of KRUW (Conference of Warsaw Universities’ Rectors) from 1993-2016, edited by Magdalena Zielonka. The publication is a chronicle of meetings of Warsaw universities’ rectors – members of KRUW in the years 1993-2016. Meetings of KRUW were organized at various universities in Warsaw and allowed participants to become acquainted with the conditions in which the Warsaw universities function and to establish in which areas they could collaborate, using their resources and intellectual potential. These meetings were also a platform for exchanging information on topics related in general to all universities, but also to some specific problems. It should be noted that a lot of valuable information was obtained within these meetings, especially when deliberating with representatives of institutions co-financing the development of the Polish science. It enabled the joint and unanimous rectors’ actions towards exiting problems and allowed to maintain the fundamental values of the academic community in the Polish capital.
Warszawa 2018, p. 150.