Lectures in the academic year 1998 / 1999:

L1: Information society: civilization and cultural issues

Prof. A. Siciński (PAN), Prof. K. Krzysztofek (PAN), Dr. M. Pęczak (UW)

Information society and the “acceleration of history” in the second half of the twentieth century: an attempt to identify and characterize these changes. Information society as a development challenge. Culture, personality, mentality in the information society. Democracy and politics in the information society.

L2: Information-based economy

Dr. M. Goliński (SGH), Prof. T. Szapiro (SGH), M. Tokarski (M.A., SGH)

Economics of information. Information as the fourth factor of production, competition and economic decision-making. Information infrastructure of the modern economy. Infomedia techniques and economic changes: globalization, virtualization, network companies. Inter-organizational information systems. Economic policy of the state in the era of the information society.

L3: Telecommunications and electronic media law

Prof. S. Piątek (UW)

Legal basis of telecommunications and electronic media. Status of telecommunications equipment. A right to conduct business. Restrictions on foreign investments. Cooperation of telecom operators. Requirements for the content of individual and mass communications. Administration of telecommunications and mass media. Harmonization of telecommunications and electronic media law within the EU.

L4: Arts and culture towards information society

Prof. M. Duchowski (ASP), Prof. A. Zeidler (UAM), Dr. hab. G. Dziamski (UAM), Dr. W. Chyła (UAM), Dr. R. Kluszczyński (UŁ), Dr. hab. M. Kostera (UW), Dr. J. S. Wojciechowski (PAN)

Aesthetics, ethics, politics and mass-media in the information society. New forms of artistic expression and the role of art in a society where electronic media and “virtual reality” are present: architecture, fine arts and film. Socio-cultural aspects of development of communication technology and organization.

L5: Means and directions for development of information infrastructure

Prof. Józef Lubacz (PW), Dr. ing. M. Średniawa (PW)

Characteristics of IT and telecommunication transformation in the recent decades. Basis of digital technology. Network architecture and information services. Consequences of liberalization and convergence of information market. Syndrome on the Internet network. Evolution of integrated public networks. Dilemmas of national and global information infrastructure development.

L6: Brain and artificial neural networkse

Prof. R. Kosiński (PW), Dr. W. Koszewski (AM)

Fundaments of physiological perception. Characteristics of sensory cognition. Stenting of brain function. Neuron models. Artificial neural networks – structure, functionality and application. Open problems – awareness and abstract thinking.