Conferences 2015

The role of basic sciences in higher education

T. Borecki, M. Demska-Trębacz, J. Lubacz, L. Pączek, S. Podlaski, T. Szapiro, A. Szostek
25 June 2015, Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Aula IV im. Ludwika Krzywickiego

The aim of the conference “The role of basic sciences in higher education” is to emphasize function of basic sciences in higher education curricula, especially in their early stages. Basic sciences constitute the foundation on which any further student education is based, and often concern potential scientists. They allow to understand in a broader context any phenomena that occur nowadays, they give the opportunity to explore universal research methods and to facilitate the practical application of the acquired knowledge. A positive impact on increasing the real value and utility of the training may be increased by putting more emphasis on basic sciences – this activity could result in creating a stable foundation for innovation and development. The university autonomy creates the possibility of introducing necessary changes into student programs, and thus the social responsibility of universities requires constant work to find the best ways to achieve their mission. It is highly desirable to exchange views on the nature and scope of basic sciences relevant to different areas of education and their advisability of implementation of any future changes.