Publications 1999

On the route to informative society

This is a collective work of an interdisciplinary character elaborated under scientific editing of Professor Józef Lubacz

Warszawa 1999, 250 pp.

12) Government and citizen in the information society

Lectures: Dr. A. Olechowski, Prof. A. Siciński, Prof. K. Krzysztofek

Warszawa 1999, 56 pp.

11) Education costs at the higher education level
Calculation model of education costs

 Warszawa 1999, 94 pp.

10) Ethical issues of engineering

Lectures: Prof. W. Bołoz, Prof. W. Gasparski, Prof. M. Dietrich

Warszawa 1999, 66 pp.


9) Human security in the modern world

Lectures: Prof. W. Majewski, Dr. J. Grela

Warszawa 1999, 66 pp.

8) Poland and European integration in education – IT Aspects

Lectures: Prof. T. Szapiro, Dr. B. Minkiewicz, Dr. P. Bielecki, Prof. A. Kraśniewski, Prof. J. Goliński, Prof. W. Flakiewicz, Prof. M. Turski

Warszawa 1999, pp. 132