Conferences 1998

Poland and European integration in education. Proposals and threats

Prof. T. Szapiro, Dr. B. Minkiewicz, Dr. P. Bielecki, Prof. A. Kraśniewski, Prof. J. Goliński, Prof. W. Flakiewicz, Prof. M. Turski
23 October 1998, Conference Hall “Pałacyk Rektorski” (PW)


Problems of divided communities – Cyprus case

Prof. M. Dietrich
15 June 1998, IPWC’s seat

Mission of the university

Prof. A. Gieysztor, Prof. J. Jóźwiak, Prof. J. Koźmiński
14 May 1998, Senat Hall (SGH)

Human security in the modern world

Prof. T. Szopa, A. Olecka (M.A.), Prof. P. Wolański
3 April 1998, Conference Hall “Pałacyk Rektorski” (PW)