Publications 1997

4) Academic Accreditation Commission
– system of education evaluation at the university level

 Warszawa 1997, 34 pp.

3) Quality of education at the university level

Prof. J. Osiowski, reviewers: Prof. A. Białas, Prof. A. Ćwiąkalski, Prof. J. Jóźwiak, Prof. A. Pelczar
Warszawa 1997, 104 pp.

2) Occupational ethics

Lectures: Prof. P. Góralczyk, Prof. H. Skorowski, Dr. A. Dylus, Prof. M. W. Grabski
Warszawa 1997, 76 pp.

1) Protection of intellectual property

Paper with a set of source documents: Atty. M. Bednarkiewicz with his team
Warszawa 1997, 64 pp.